Insurance Board Starts Meetings

The Insurance Board formed within the Istanbul Bar started meetings again after selected the new president. Our law firm YHB supports Insurance board with two lawyers carrying out activities to resolve legal problems of the insurance industry in our country.

Mediation Exam Date Announced

Ministry of Justice, Department of Mediation announced the date of the 2nd written exam to take place in 2015. The written examination will be held at 10:00 on 27.12.2015. We wish success to all of our colleagues and master lawyers who will join to exam.

Collaboration With Aydın University

Our law firm YHB takes place in this project we think to be useful for students during passage to working life as participating firm in “On-site Application Center” program of Istanbul Aydın University. In our cooperation with Aydın University we believe that it will be beneficial to students and we thank again Aydın University authorities for this partnership.

Our Law Firm Collaborates With Italian Chamber of Commerce

Our law firm began to co-operate with Italian Chamber of Commerce – Camera Di Commercio İtaliano in Turchia as a member of the chamber. YHB provides necessary support to both its clients and foreign companies wishing to invest in our country.

We Respectfully Remember Atatürk

“In our age no name has created such great respect, as has done the name Atatürk.”
Observer Magazine, 1938

Every year we remember passing of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk with an ever deepening longing. May God rest his soul.

We Celebrate Republic Day

With National Struggle won under leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his military colleagues an unprecedented success was realized in history. Despite all the difficulties and problems experienced this victory was won as an example of determination and faith and presented our nation unconditional sovereignty and Republican regime. We are celebrating our nation’s Republic Day. God rest souls of all our martyrs. With the hope of keep Our Republic live forever…